Uploading Seasonpass

I am having great difficulty uploading the Seasonpass software onto my Atv in order to perform a jailbreak.  Its gets to the point were it is going to upload to new update however then itunes appears and asks me if I want to restore my Atv.  This is the official Apple update (and not the jailbreak one).  Does any one have any solutions?

If you do a SHIFT(Option on Mac)-Click on the Restore button then you will be given a file selector to allow you to select the .ipsw file to be restored.   The jailbrolen one that is created by SeasonPass will have _SP as part of the filename.

Thanks for that. I have Microsoft PC so not sure how to do a shift. Is it possible to install software on iTunes using PC?

Shift-Click simply means hold down the SHift key on your keyboard while you click on the Restore button in iTunes.

I am assuming that you have already run SeaonPass on your PC to create the jailbroken version of firmware to be restored, and have also managed to get the AppleTV into DFU mode ready to receive the Jailbroken firmware via the Restore action.

itimpi you are a star - thank you very much!!!  8)