Upload Speeds and Remote Play


I was wondering if someone could explain upload speeds, in terms of remote play with InFuse 5. Not sure i’m understanding how it works.

I got my parents set up with Infuse at their home. They are connected to my Plex Server from my house. They played a movie and it worked fine. Are they counting on my download speed or my upload speed?

I currently pay for 20mb of Upload Speed. When I do Speedtest shows 16mb. My download is at 400mb.

How will I know how many streams I can send out? Say they have all three of their TVs going at the same. Is that possible? Or does the upload speed need to be a lot higher.

I’d rather them use Infuse and not my Plex. That way I’m not transcoding for them.

Also, am I using any upload speed from my home? I have Plex on Mac Mini > Ethernet > Router. Apple TV is using WiFi, but I could add an ethernet cord.

Thanks so much!

Your upload speeds determine how fast others can transfer information from your home to theirs. The number of concurrent streams depends on several factors but primarily the bit rate of the video they are streaming from you. For example they probably could stream to all three TVs at the same time if all three were viewing simple 720p videos but they may not be able to do more than one if it’s a 4K monster file.

If their using Infuse to connect to your plex server they aren’t really using the transcoding of Plex their using Infuse to decode the videos. If they used the Plex app to connect to your Plex server then you could set up what resolution you want Plex to transcode for their stream and thus limit the upload speeds needed.

You are not using any “upload” speed when you’re at home viewing your local files. Again, upload speed is for data leaving your home to remote users.

You’re going to be looking at anywhere from 10-20Mbps per stream for 1080p content depending on the file bitrate. You can use mediainfo to get details on the movie to show the bitrate.

Is there any way with Infuse to limit how much they can upload? Or is that only something they could do if they use Plex on their Apple TVs?

So if the file Bitrate is 11386 kpbs. It takes 11.386 mbps of upload speed?

Technically 1 Mbps is 1024 Kbps, so it would be 11.119141 Mbps.

What you’re talking about is called transcoding and right now it’s only supported with the plex client. James has talked about supporting it in a far future update to the app. Additionally your plex server has to be fast enough to handle the real-time transcode. Most computers can handle one transcode stream but multiple streams usually crap out with consumer desktops.