I am currently running ATV Flash v3.5.3.

I have setup my ATV to use an external USB drive for iTunes storage.

I also have additional movie files (AVI, WMV, etc) in another folder on the same external drive (so I can watch them with XBMC).

I have also enabled SSH access, file sharing, installed Flash, and Firefox.

Now I want to update to ATV 3.6.4.

I would like to know what, if any, problems I am going to run into before I try it.

I know I need to update the Apple TV software first, so my first question is, how do I manually revert to internal storage? You guys removed the old instructions from the Wiki…

Please tell me the steps or confirm if these are the steps to get this upgrade done with the least trouble, ie:

  1. Revert to internal storage
  2. Update Apple TV software
  3. Update ATV Flash
  4. Reconnect to my external media drive (and how I do that when all the files are already on there, etc)…



Well, I went for it…and I ran into several problems.

  1. AppleTV wouldn’t startup after update - just stayed on the big Apple icon when rebooting. Fortunately I was able to get in via SSH, and I remembered how to revert (rename Media.old and all that). Strangely, I wasn’t able to get in via SSH at first…looked at the docs, and it said login with ssh frontrow@AppleTV.local (capital A, capital T, V). That worked. It wasn’t case sensitive before. Mysterious.

  2. XBMC, during smart install, was installed in ~/Applications/ ( /frontrow/Applications/ ) - but the XBMC launcher wouldn’t launch it - said it couldn’t find it in /Applications. I noted the lack of a tilde in that error message. So then I ran the XBMC installer, and it installed another copy in /Applications. Then it worked.

  3. Boxee is not installed anywhere. Not a big deal, as it never worked well for me anyway, but it would be nice to know why it wasn’t installed. And I’m not seeing an option anywhere for installing it.

It’s a real drag upgrading ATV Flash. Every time, something breaks. In retrospect, I’m sorry I paid for this. I see elsewhere on the net that the DIY folks have achieved most of the functionality with about the same amount of effort as I have had to put into making this paid ‘all in one’ solution actually work.


We’re sorry for the trouble. The current 3.6.4 version allows for much easier switching back and forth between the internal and external storage options. You will only need to switch back to internal when the AppleTV system software is updated as aTV Flash updates can be installed when the external storage is in use.

Also recently added is a ‘Manage Plugins’ feature that allows many aspects of the software to be updated on the AppleTV without having to reinstall everything. More information on this feature can be seen here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Maintenance_Plugin#Manage_Plugins