Upgrading to Lion help


I got it working using this software on my Mac with Lion, PureFTPd Manager for Mac OS X .  Then in video on XMBC I added a source, FTP and it works like a dream.

Is there a chance soon that ATV Flash will work on Lion OSX ?

I’m still unable to connect using a share. I can’t believe how lax the developers are in answering forum questions. Are they all on holiday or something?

I thought it was just me and i have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out the smb issue…If Firecore knows that this does not work with the latest Lion version of mac software then they should put it on their hompepage and advise unsuspecting buyers that it won’t work with Lion…i just renewed my subscription for a lifetime of upgrades…stupid me…I sure hope the fix/upgrade comes in my lifetime!! I specifically bought this software to stream movies from my external hard drive…Now the software is worthless to me

Same here. I have a bunch of media on separate internal drives. That was my reason for upgrading.

I contacted support and got told:


Support, Aug-30 09:49 (MDT):

Hi, we’re working to resolve this issue and hope to have a fix available soon.

Please keep an eye on our site for updates.

-FireCore Support


That was nearly a month ago now… I think they need to stop hoping and start working on it. Its a pretty fundamental flaw for us ATV 1 users especially when we pay twice the price of the newer software.

Sorry for the delay. We’re actively working to solve this problem and we’ve been looking over a few options (both AFP and SMB) to get Lion compatible streaming back on track.

Hopefully we should have some type of ETA within the next week.

Just another update with regard to streaming from Lion - we’ve made some great progress as of late and hope to have a fix ready for you guys soon.

Hang in there.  :wink:


Best news I’ve heard in a while…thank you for now keeping us updated and in the loop. I think the most frustrating part of the whole ordeal is that we not sure what exactly happened (whether it was on our end or yours)…and we weren’t being told much…keep up the progress please…you do provide a great piece of software…

Very good news.  it is very appreciated to receive some updates from U !

Thanks for the update.  Helps to hear from you guys.

Now if I can just get a new black Apple TV jailbroken, I’ll be even happier. My trusty silver 1st still runs like a champ but i wanted to try some of the newer features.  Tried several times with no success.

Hi there,
Any new news on this one?


Unfortunately, this is holding me back from upgrading to Lion.  I tested this when Lion first came out, months ago, and added my request for a solution to the now long list. 

The last note indicating progress was over two weeks ago.

Hello James, Can you give us an update of the progress in finding an solution?

I’m anxious waiting for a solution for the streaming/smb problem.




We’ve got streaming from Lion to ATV1 working! With any luck we hope to have an aTV Flash update within the next week or so.

Stay tuned.

Best news i’ve heard in a long time!l

Awaiting eagerly for the update!:slight_smile:

At long last the update is ready! aTV Flash 4.4 was just released and includes NFS (Lion compatible) streaming.

Details here: http://blog.firecore.com/5669

Damn! You guys rock!! I had it up and running in 5 minutes!! Thank you! I had hoped my “lifetime of upgrades” was not a wasted investment and now i know it wasn’t…