Upgrading to Infuse 5, pricing, and other details

I feel it the same like you.

Good post, love the update. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do.

What about app bundles? You can bundle Infuse 4 Pro nad 5 Pro - then users who bought v4 could pay less for v5

No problem here, I’m happy to pay yearly as no one works for free ! but it needs to be with major features not just a change of number.
Anyway, I think people take developer for granted when complaining about prices like this, do they work for free? I doubt !

Anyway, i definitely think you guy messed up by launching without explanation but now it’s fixed so thank you :slight_smile:

Does a subscription work on tvOS and iOS at the same time or does one need 2 subscriptions then?
Though I love infuse, I really hate subscriptions! How can you quit one and then what happens…? No infuse at all anymore or the latest version you were subscribed to, continues?

Normally In-App Purchases cannot be shared, but we took the time to bake in some extra magic to make it happen. :wink:

Wouldn’t work for those who bought it via In-App Purchase.

One subscription, all devices. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but I just cannot believe this comment. You own an Apple TV that you paid hundreds for. You probably have a subscription to a streaming service for which you probably pay more than the annual subscription for Infuse 5 monthly. You would pay way more than that subscription each time you legitimately buy a movie on DVD or Blu-ray so you can store it on your NAS or whatever to play through Infuse. “$7 per year is a lot” - seriously? What have you told them about the cost of a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop?

Just wanted to reply the same comment. Thanks.

And c’mon guys, 7$ is nothing if you can afford an apple tv. Don’t be so cheap. Besides James even stated that its free for 1 year if you bought v4 after 1st August, what else can he do? Chillax and enjoy or get an alternative player!

Thanks for the pricing details. As I purchased infuse 4 pro on Sept 9, I have submitted a request for a free redemption code for infuse 5, as detailed in original post. I am a long time Firecore customer and feel that I have had great value for my purchases, and I think offering this to purchasers who very recently made the Infuse 4 Pro purchase is noteworthy. I also think it is very beneficial that you offer both a subscription, and a stand alone product for your customers to choose from, as obviously, customers have different needs. I still use a 2nd gen Apple TV with Black Flash/ infuse on an extra tv, and it hasn’t been updated by me in 4 plus years, ( and even has features that the infuse 5 pro doesn’t,…iso support). Infuse is the main reason I have the 4th gen Apple TV.

This isn’t fair at all. Whatever you say, you cannot justify this greed & cheapness of yours. You think little about the user base that bought v4 Pro. I’m not asking for a free upgrade from an old version but from the current Pro to the latest Pro. That’s a norm everywhere. From a very old version, it would have made sense. Not from the most recent to the latest. Thumbs down.

But You’ve provided Promo Codes for those who bought via IAP, so they could download Pro version from App Store.
I know this would be a little more complicated but it seems doable.

EDIT: i understand the need for paid upgrades and i see nothing wrong with that when the pricing is fair and communication is honest… For ages in versioned software current users were allowed to upgrade to new version at half of the price (and recent purchases are issued a new license for free). Alternatevly, when switching to subscribtion based monetization, current users are usually offered a free year of usage.

When there’s a will there’s a way… Pro users want to upgrade to pro, IAP users want to upgrade to IAP. If you really wanted to offer a way for everyone to upgrade, you would make upgrade bundle for pro users priced at 5 or so euros, and offer one free year to IAP users like you do now with those who purchased after august 1st (im among them).

Upgrade bundle requires no further info, but how to do it automatically with IAP so that you don’t have to grant subscriptions manually?Multiple ways to be honest. Just one of them… You could use app store receipt (one seen by ios app via code) to generate one time code in infuse 4 (non-consumable IAP remain in app receipt forever and you get unique transaction id that you could use to make sure that each iap only generates one unique code). Then when user enters this code in infuse 5 (after signing in with whatever you use for that), he is granted with one year of free subscription (outside of appstore). How much does it cost? On infuse 4 its 4h to do everything, on backend its another 4h tops as its a simple REST service endpoint with one simple table in database. In infuse 5 its another 4h to add this into ui and wire everything and on backend its another 4 or so hours… So its 2 days tops or if you want to make it slow and careful its 4days… No way to do it? Just give me a break. Just cause average user buys this cr*p, doesnt mean everyone is clueless about what can be done and what cannot.

On the other hand, why bother when you can say “there was no way to do that” and expect it justifies your greed and non-willingness to allow current users to upgrade at reduced price. At least be decent and say that we dont want to do it, or we have no skill to do it, but lying that apple provides no means to do it is just pathetic guys.

"Why isn’t there upgrade pricing for current Pro users?

This one frustrates us as well, and it comes down to Apple’s policies and the tools they provide for App Store developers. We would have loved to offer a discount for current users, but simply put there was not a feasible way to accomplish this in a way that was fair to all users. This is a major shortcoming of the App Store, and one Apple has addressed with annual subscriptions (see below)."

Easy to blame Apple when you making money…
I hope I find anything better, a app to pay once and the get frr updates as I used to.
I bought my pro erlier and there is at least 2 or 3 that had a more fair pricing.

I am very disapointed…
Another thing, there has been no update for some time now, is that because you saved it to a new not free update?
Goodbye from me…

Not really an option, because each app version on appstore only grants 100 promo codes. And as soon as you publish new version of the app (and receive 100 promo codes for that version), promo codes for previous version no longer work. There are means anyway… Just check my post above.

You sound just like an Apple fan. Had it sounded the same if applied something other than software to an Apple Product?

So you are not a fan with 3 devices? Ofc its the same! I pay monthly for spotify for e.g. It’s 7$ ffs…lol

Very disappointed with the pricing decision for Infuse 5…but let me explain.
First off, I like the app and appreciate the need to keep developers fed. But…I have paid for a “Pro” version three times, twice in the last year alone. I was billed for Pro 4 on 3/21/16 and again on 4/9/2016 (when I tried to install it on my wife’s tablet) due to the confusing way Infuse releases their apps (one with in-app purchase and another as a one-time purchase). When I inquired about it at the time, I was told “it’s an Apple problem…” and I left it at that, thinking to myself that $30 isn’t so bad for an app I use every day, right? So I dropped it. Had I known at the time that they would pull this stunt only a few months later, I would have pushed back harder.

Great update!
At first I was disappointed with the new price tag, as for me it was a little expensive at first, as I want everything for free, but I understand the reason for charging, after all, if someone does not want to pay, can stay with the V4 (also very good)
Let’s remember, at least in my case, when I have an issue, I always get a response, not only from the team, but many times directly from James.
Keep up the good work!
Love the new changes, it was a worthy upgrade!

I’m an Infuse Pro 4 user since September 1st 2016, and I bought Infuse Pro 5 yesterday (full price, not subscription) because I wanted to stream directly from Dropbox, and I love it. Watching shows last night on my Apple TV directly from Dropbox is a dream for me, and it’s frustrated me no end that I’ve been unable to find any viable service like this before.

I had no qualms about paying the money because of how much I’ll get out of this feature alone, my only frustration now being that I could have got a year’s subscription for free; I didn’t know that yesterday.

That downgrades my joy of this service somewhat, but other than that, great job on the update.

I love infuse app and admire the work you guys are doing. I just don’t feel that infuse 5 has the full package that would make it a great upgrade!
I don’t mind the 13$ price tag for it, and in fact, I think it would be a fair price if essential features are embedded/developed in it, similar to Plex, centralized server, etc.

I hope to see something like this lurking ahead.

thanks and all the best of luck