Upgrading to Infuse 5, pricing, and other details

Update: We are now offering a 30% discount for those who upgrade before December 11th.

Since the release of Infuse 5 yesterday, it's been made clear to us we have failed to delight everyone with this new update. Part of this is due to the fact that Infuse 5 is a paid update, but a bigger part is due to us not clearly communicating the reasons behind why this is a paid update, and what are plans are moving forward.

So, for the sake of clarity, here are some answers to many of the questions we've received over the past day.

Why isn't Infuse 5 a free update?

In the past we have been very generous with our updates and provided virtually all of them at no cost. If you had Pro v3, you got Pro v4. No questions asked. The one exception to this was with Infuse 3, when we added DTS-HD audio playback and had to charge a small license fee which went straight to DTS. No one likes paying for updates, we get that. But the fact of the matter is we're a small company, and without revenue from updates like Infuse 5 adding great new features simply isn't possible.

Why isn't there upgrade pricing for current Pro users?

This one frustrates us as well, and it comes down to Apple's policies and the tools they provide for App Store developers. We would have loved to offer a discount for current users, but simply put there was not a feasible way to accomplish this in a way that was fair to all users. This is a major shortcoming of the App Store, and one Apple has addressed with annual subscriptions (see below).

Why the new subscription pricing model?

Subscriptions were introduced by Apple at WWDC in June of this year as a way to provide sustainable revenue models for developers and treat users fairly. This is what we have moved to with Infuse 5, and we feel it provides a much more straightforward way to purchase software. You know your cost (Infuse Pro is $6.99 per year in the US) and you will always have the latest and greatest version...even when new major updates (v6, v7, etc...) are released. We have also kept the standalone Infuse Pro app (which is a one-time, non subscription fee) for those who prefer it.

What about Infuse 4, will it receive any further updates?

We've released a number of updates for v4 over the past few weeks to ensure things work well with the recently released iOS/tvOS 10 updates, though no major features for improvements are planned. v4 will be removed from the App Store at the end of this month, but will remain available through your 'Purchases' tab if you need to reinstall at any point in the future.

When is Infuse 6 coming out?

Not for awhile. 12-24 months would be a reasonable guess.

What we're doing to make it right

Details here.

Thanks again for your continued support!

No problem here for the pricing i so like the product and Will stay and use it. Best player ever

The deciding question is when will Infuse 6 be released, Infuse 4 lasted less than a year. If I pay 13 dollar/euro for the stand alone version now and it’s terminated after 10 months again I’m going te be pretty disappointed.

This seems to be a common issue when a paid app upgrades and needs to be re-purchased. I’ve been using Infuse for a few years now and thoroughly enjoy it. I have already purchased the upgrade and am more than willing to do so again if there is another paid upgrade in (at least) another couple of years. This is how we keep great apps by providing a way for developers to continue developing them. Keep up the great work.

One thing I would love to see is the ability to set a default volume boost for all new videos. For some reason I always have to set mine to 250% or 300% and a preference to save me time on every video would be much appreciated.


You switched to a subscription model for only one reason - recurring payments. More money FROM THE SAME USER BASE for your little company and in fact for you personally. That’s it.

You abandoned ATV flash black. Now you are abandoning Infuse 4. Face it. You could just make it priced $100 and state in the description not to buy this version but get Infuse 5 for new users.

You could make this update free for current Pro users. There were plenty of options how you could do it right.

You just don’t care about your current Pro users and trying to defend with some high words about Apple policies. No more trust in you, James. Good luck.

I do support you and appreciate infuse. And I bought the new Pro version to show this.
BUT you should really think about your prices. $7 per year is a lot.

Good start on the explanation and pinning this up; it won’t fix every problem, but it’s definitely a start.

Paid for infuse 4 pro and now just paid for infuse pro 5. You guys do a great job and need the cash in my book to keep the development going.

I look forward to future updates and features. Keep listening to your reviews on App Store. Great job!

I have no problem with the fact that Infuse 5 is a paid upgrade. I am only wondering which of the two options is the best for me, since in-app purchases can’t be shared via Family Sharing (What types of content can I share with my family? - Apple Support). Had a lengthy discussion with an Apple Tech about the fact that this doesn’t work consistently, but he assured me that in-app purchases for pro upgrades are not supposed to work when shared with different Apple-IDs via Family Sharing. In that case the non-subscription version which can be shared via Family Sharing would be cheaper than two single in-app purchases which in all likelihood can’t be shared.

Regards, Roman

What about iOS 7 users? Now I can Install Infuse 3 Pro from Infuse 4 Pro by installing older compatible version. Why you just don’t leave Infuse 4 iPro standalone in App Store? Make it price same as Infuse 5 Pro standalone. Think about your users with some older devices in family on hands.

Infuse has been the best media streaming option for me and I don’t mind paying the annual fee to continue using the best features in the newest versions. Keep up the good work, looking forward to more updates with improved features in v5.

James: Good post! This makes things to clear what to pay and what to get!
Already payed the subscription. Infuse is super to me and we use it almost every day!!

James, you could save yourself a ton of typing if you would cross post this thread to the TVos subforum.

Not everyone uses the ios version and many of the question in the TVos sub are being addressed here.

Just trying to save ya some time.

I am very disappointed.

I feel it the same like you.

Good post, love the update. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do.

What about app bundles? You can bundle Infuse 4 Pro nad 5 Pro - then users who bought v4 could pay less for v5

No problem here, I’m happy to pay yearly as no one works for free ! but it needs to be with major features not just a change of number.
Anyway, I think people take developer for granted when complaining about prices like this, do they work for free? I doubt !

Anyway, i definitely think you guy messed up by launching without explanation but now it’s fixed so thank you :slight_smile:

Does a subscription work on tvOS and iOS at the same time or does one need 2 subscriptions then?
Though I love infuse, I really hate subscriptions! How can you quit one and then what happens…? No infuse at all anymore or the latest version you were subscribed to, continues?

Normally In-App Purchases cannot be shared, but we took the time to bake in some extra magic to make it happen. :wink:

Wouldn’t work for those who bought it via In-App Purchase.

One subscription, all devices. :slight_smile: