Upgrading to Infuse 4 (FAQs)

If I update to Infuse 4, do I lose all my Pro features?
No, existing Pro licenses will transfer over to Infuse 4 so you can continue to enjoy all the features you love about Infuse Pro.

What's included in the new Infuse Pro?
The new Infuse Pro includes support for DTS audio, Google Cast streaming, background playback, and trakt 2-way sync. And best of all, Infuse 4 adds an all-new Apple TV app that is available at no additional cost.

Is there a discount for current Pro users?
v3 users can upgrade to Infuse 4 for free! Unfortunately there is no upgrade path from v1 or v2 to Infuse 4. Sorry.

I bought Infuse v1 or v2 - why can't I restore my Pro features?
Existing Pro feature are restored automatically, and the Restore option is only needed for the new (Infuse 4) Pro.