Upgrading to 5.2

Hey all,

I’ve been running a jailbroken ATV2 with iOS version 4.1. I’d like to update the iOS to the newest version possible that still has a tethered jailbreak. Using Seas0nPass, I was unable to upgrade to 5.2 (or any other version for that matter). I kept getting messages that the device was not eligible.

I did some reading and it sounds like this has to do with Apple not signing version older than 5.2.1.

Is that right or am I overlooking another way to upgrade?



You can only go to releases earlier than 5.3 if you already have shsh blobs for that release on your ATV. It might be worth querying the Cydia servers to see if there are any blobs you did not realise you had.

Thanks for the suggestion.

No luck. Too bad!

I guess that means I’m stuck on 4.1 until a newer jailbreak is released.