Upgrading QT, Flip4Mac, Firefox, etc?

I’m new at this, and just installed QuickTime, Flip4Mac, Firefox and Flash all from the flashed aTV easy to use interface. My question is, how do I update these installations when a new version of each is released?

Will the menu suddenly change from “QuickTime Installed” to “Install QuickTime” again? If not, then how does all of this work?

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Once installed, they won’t need to upgraded unless a factory restore or Apple software update is performed.


I have successfully upgraded my 250GB aTV to Apple 2.3 and aTV Flash 3.4.1. Updated the hard drive access, installed and updated Boxee/XBMC, installed Flash and Flip4Mac…but…everytime I try to install Quicktime (from the Maintenance menu) the whole system just locks up. I even reset the screen resolution to 720 thinking that might help, but no go.

Is there some other component I need to install before the QuickTime will install?

It actually may appear as the system has locked up, but in reality it is downloading the necessary files from the Internet. The QuickTime download file is about 60mb, so it may take a few minutes to complete depending on your Internet connection.

We’re working to improve the interface of this function for a future version.