Upgrading Procedure


Can you advise the correct procedure in upgrading ATVFlash to 3.5.3.

I currently have 3.5.1, do I need to restore the ATV back to factory default and then upgrade it back to 2.3.1 before running the 3.5.3 version?

Or can I just run the 3.5.3 atv over the top and then reinstall smart installer?



Since 3.4.x, I would only run the updater and I’ve updated at least 4 versions since.

I did not downgrade Apple TV (in fact I have auto update of Apple TV turned off) or reinstall anything. I didn’t ever re-run Smart Installer.

I did have to reset the Mplayer option to ‘Both’ every time I upgrade but that’s quick.


Thanks for the reply.

Just one for the dumbie here, When you mean updater, you downloaded the new version of ATV flash and put it onto a USB key, plugged into the ATV and rebooted. Let the ATV boot off the USB key to update.


Yes, to upgrade aTV Flash on your Apple TV, just format the USB stick, patch it with the newest aTV Flash, and then follow the same procedure to patch the Apple TV. It will upgrade all the software on the Apple TV.