Upgrading from Infuse Pro 5 to Infuse Pro Lifetime upgrade

Hello all,
I’ve been using Infuse Pro 5 for a while now. I am very happy with the product and its features.
From past 1 week I am unable to get the metadata/movie info of all the movies that I copied in my hard drive, looked around and it seems like TMDB was down a week ago and then realized that my ISP has blocked TMDB.
Did some searching and installed Infuse 6 and it worked. So, I am willing to upgrade to Infuse Pro Lifetime Upgrade available in the in-app purchase of Infuse 6.

Is there any possibility that I can get a discounted price on it ?
As i have already bought Infuse Pro 5, can you adjust that amount to my new purchase ?

Hope to see mods or James to reply for my query :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum!

Yes there’s a discount for Infuse 5 pro owners. There is a thread that details the discount and upgrades here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

I’ve checked that first, I cant see the Infuse Pro 6 - upgrade bundle in my Apple TV app store.
Also, thats not what I am looking for, as I said, I am looking to purchase Infuse Pro Lifetime upgrade. The link that you shared will give only Infuse 6 Pro. Correct me if I am wrong in understanding that.

And if you read the section “Upgrading from older versions” you’ll see where it gives you instructions to get the discounted price.

Under option A you install your V5 Pro, Download V6 free version (not pro) and then in V6 when you go to the subscriptions you’ll see your discounted price. After you purchase the lifetime subscription you can then delete the V5 Pro.

Yes, but my doubt is, I dont see any subscription which is literally written as discounted price. So, the price that is mentioned with Lifetime Pro upgrade is the discounted price ?

Go to ‎Infuse 6 on the App Store

Scroll down to “Information”
Under “In-App Purchases”

Infuse Pro - Yearly $9.99
Infuse Pro - Monthly $0.99
Infuse Pro - Lifetime $54.99
Infuse Pro - Upgrade Special $39.99

I can see those 4 options on my PC but not in my TV. I have attached the screenshot from my TV.
There is an option that says special Lifetime and another option that says Lifetime Forever Pro. Attached is the pic and I am talking about the first option and the last option.
So, the first option will give me Lifetime Pro upgrade from Infuse 5 pro ? or should I buy the last option for that ?
My doubt is, first option does not say as Lifetime PRO upgrade, that’s the only thing I am worried about.

Read the line just above your choice boxes. “Upgrade to Infuse PRO”

Yes the first one “Special Lifetime Save 31%” is the discounted price for Infuse Pro lifetime.

Great, thanks for confirmation :slight_smile:
Will do the purchase now.
Appreciate your help.

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