Upgrading from 4.3 to 4.4.3?

So I’ve been running my jailbroken Apple TV 2 with aTVFlash on 4.3 without issue and am very happy with my setup.  Now that SeasonPass has been updated to support untethered 4.4.3, what is the best way to upgrade?  Do I simply allow the Apple TV to take the 4.4.3 firmware and then re-jailbreak? If so, will I lose all of my settings (e.g. XBMC, etc.)?

Use the Backup option on e Maintenance menu before doing the upgrade. Then reopeat the Jailbreak process (which will actually give you the 4.4.4 firmware) and after you have completed the update you can restore from that backup to get all your settings (and metadata) back.


Thanks! Just to confirm, this will back up EVERYTHING, including XBMC settings?

I believe so, although I have not validated that as I no longer use XBMC.

hey davidp.58309, im wondering about this too. did you have any luck with it? i cant find any info about this anywhere.