Upgrading External/Primary Drive

I purchased a 1.5 TB external USB drive a year ago with my ATV used as a primary drive. I’m down to 140GB now and considering upgrading the drive. 3TB drives are really inexpensive now so might be getting that to replace my external USB drive. Here are my questions:

  1. Is it possible to get a powered USB HUB and plug another external USB drive and have ATV recognize it as another external drive?

  2. If not possible, what is the best way to upgrade my drive? Use Acronis to sector-sector cloning or just re-install ATV Flash?

  3. I’m using ATV 1st gen with OS 3.1, should I update my ATV OS first? Will it update to 4 or just jump to 5? (knowing 5.x is not supported yet)

  4. What is the maximum supported USB(TB) drive?

Sorry for so many questions. Been using ATV Flash for more than 2 years now and been very happy with it, just need to upgrade.

Thanks for the help in advance :wink:

Anyone please ?