Upgrading ATV Flash

hi everyone, i see there is no FAQ entry, no WIKI entry, and no Sticky in the forums telling people what the basic procedure is for updating ATV Flash.

I see new versions are released reasonably regularly, and I would like to know what is the best process for keeping my AppleTV up to date with the latest ATV Flash release???

Also, when a new update is available from Apple, how does this affect things???

To quote aTV Flash:

I know it’s not the exact version you are talking about, but the idea is the same. As for the future AppleTV updates, they generally screw with aTV Flash. This is a hack after all and we all know how Apple feels about hacked things…COUGH iPhone CHOUGH :lol:

I’m with the thread starter…

How about a simple tutorial on how to perform an upgrade? I have Apple 2.1, aTV 331, aqnd have hacked Boxee and XBMC on top of that. All appears to be working now, so I am not sure I even want to update the Apple software, but… I would if I had a simple tutorial how.

After downloading the 3.3.4 update, I discover that the instructions for the update, both creating a new USB flashstick and updating the Apple TV, are in the “Read Me” file when you “open” the dmg containing the upgrade.

Ya - it is the exact same everytime. Download new version of ATVFlash - create patchstick and install. That is how you update ATVFlash.

Yup, that is what I did… Created the new 3.3.5 patchstick and off I went…

I just hope Apple comes up with an on/off switch on this AppleTV! I have never had to unplug and plugin so many times in my life on any component! This aTV is great, but isn’t without its fair share of problems!

With that said… Every time I go to Maintenance and click on Install Quicktime, my AppleTV freezes on that screen… When trying to install Adobe Flash, it says I do not have the right component… Isn’t it supposed to download and install it itself?

What is all new/different in this 3.3.5 release anyhow?

I have Apple 2.1, ATV Flash 311, Boxee and XMBC… all running along just fine and dandy. Is there any compelling reason for me to either upgrade Apple 2.1 OR ATV 3.1.1 ?

Can I put the latest ATV upgrade (335) on “top” of my present installation? Is there any reason to do so if I see no compelling reason to wipe my ATV and start all over again just to move to Apple 2.2? I realize that from ATV 3.2 onwards, it is not necessary to reformat the ATV, but is that “state of affairs” , in and of itself, worth all the trouble?

I was using AppleTV 2.1 for the longest time, you can still use ATVFiles, Sapphire, and Media Cloud. With AppleTV 2.2 you lose those programs but gain some nice scrips built-in to 3.3.5. But here is the other side of it too, there have been frequent updates lately and some many not want to always update every couple weeks. I’d say stay where you at if you are happy and if there is a compelling feature later, then upgrade.

Well, I think my dilemma is moot. I just sent off my aTV to get its hard drive upgraded to 250GB. ($199). I suppose it will come back with Apple’s latest (2.2) on it. If somehow, it comes back with 2.1, I will start the “mindfu***ing” all over again.

me too.

Now, have you heard of a smart power strip, from Bits unlimited ? (but sold everywhere). http://catalog.bitsltd.us/power_strips/
I have a SGC3v3. This may help you in turning on or off!


PS: but for the update: I just create the patchstick and install it ?

What about Apple’s updates ? first Apple, then the patchstick ?