Upgrading AppleTV after installing aTV

Is is possible it install AppleTV upgrades after aTV Flash is applied?


Ron Goren

Yes - but if you DISABLE the Apple TV updates option when you install the ATVFlash program - you will just have more work to do in the future if you do want to update the Apple OS.

thanx for the reply but not sure I understand. If Apple announces an update to the AppleTV and I’ve installed aTV can i just go ahead and udate as I would if aTV was not installed?

Unless I am mistaken - if so somebody correct me :

When you install ATV you are given the option to DISABLE Apple TV OS updates. if you DISABLE that option — then in the future when Apple upgrades the OS you CANNOT upgrade it - because you disabled that feature.

People like me - disable the feature becasue I only need Apple TV OS 2.1 - i do NOT want the latest 2.2.

So if you want to be able to update - just make sure you ENABLE updates when you are creating your ATV patchstick.

if you DISABLE that feature and install ATV, then in the future you decide you made a mistake and you WANT to upgrade the Apple OS - you need to re-create the ATV patchstick with the option ENABLEd - and install over your current version of ATV. then you CAN update the Apple OS.

For some reason I think I have made this more confusing than it should be . sorry. if there are any more question maybe someone else will make it more clear!

Mixxxer is right. You can Disable the update when creating the patchstick and then the AppleTV will not automatically OR manually be able to check for AppleTV updates. This is because when Apple updates the AppleTV it completely wipes out aTV Flash or any other patchstick out there. Same thing goes for jailbroken iPhones, if Apple updates the iPhone the jailbreak goes out the window. You can recreate the patchstick with the Disable Updates unchecked, repatch your AppleTV and then the AppleTV is able to check for updates. Now in the newer version of the patchstick, (3.3.5) you are able to enable updates within the AppleTV and not have to recreate the patchstick on the computer. Hope that answers your questions. :slight_smile: