Upgrading Apple TV 2 from 4.1.1

I have jailbroken my Apple TV 2 when I first got it and so it is still running on 4.1.1. Now I want to update it to a newer version so I make use of Netflix and the options aTV flash offers. It is unclear to me how to do this.


Just run seasonpass right click on the jailbreak and select 5.3 and it will update and jailbreak it to 5.3

Do I have to do this with the latest version of seasonpass or the slightly earlier version?

You need to use the latest SeasonPass (0.9.5) if you want the 5.3 jailbreak to be untethered.  The previous SeasonPass release (0.9.3) only supported a tethered jailbreak of 5.3.

Thanks so much, just managed to update it. Finally have all the new channels available.