Upgrading and Folder Settings...

Question for those long time users out there, is there anyway way to upgrade (firmware) and retain custom folder settings?

About a month ago I spent quite a bit of time downloading cover art and renaming all my files so everything shows cover art and meta data, and setting primary and season folders to grid view while using list view for episode list folders.

I haven’t upgraded to 5.0.1 yet because it will take me at least 2 hours to go through all my content and set the content type and view mode for each folder. Is there anyway to retain these settings during an upgrade? Or every time a new update comes out do I have to set them again?

Figured it was worth asking either way. Thanks!

If you are using ATV Flash, you can use the backup option under Maintenance ->Settings, and after upgrading do the restore via the same option.


[edit] Found it thanks! [/edit]