upgrading an old jb to 5.3 now stuck looping ... help

hey there


jb my atv 2 about a year ago maybe 14 months 

haven't done much to update it and wanted the wwe channel and saw i needed to update

downloaded the newest Seas0npass everything appeard to go fine however now it looped and looped on the logo 

now its flashing and the screen is black 


if i plug it in and try and do everything over it all works 

but im missing something probably to do with how old my jb was

i downloaded an older seas0npass it said for older atv's that went to itunes to execute a script

but it just fails 

im not sure if im supposed to restore in itunes


anyway any help would be appreciated 

and again apologies for being a guy who stumbles through and forgets everything a month after doing it 

even if i could get back to 4. whatever 

just so i could actually watch tv again 

What version of SeasonPass are you using - it needs to be 0.9.5 for the latest jailbreak.  Any earlier version would give the symptoms you describe.

You should be able to do a restore in iTunes to get back to a non-jailbreak state.  That will put you onto the latest 6.x series firmware.  If doing that fails then whatever prevents that working needs resolving before attempting to go any further.   After reverting to standard firmware you can try re-doing the jailbreak which if it succeeds will revert the firmware version to 5.3 firmware (albeit with an untethered jailbreak).

I think I have it working now.


I believe the problem was that I was using the newest version and it was too recent 

with my original being 4.3 i think 

i restored with itunes and then reattempted to jb

its on the network but not wireless as my right button is borken on my remote 

hopefully have everything resolved tonight

thanks for the response