Upgraded 4.2.1(2100)

Was using Gp. Removed xbmc because there was an error and the atv2 came up with the "plug in and restore" thing. So i restored with Itunes and it upgraded me to 4.2.1(2100). Gp doesnt seem to work now so i cant jailbreak this. And the Atv2 without a jailbreak is an expensive paper weight. So, how do I jailbreak this? I've wasted too much time on this already. If i have to pay I dont care. I just need this to work. Even if you could point me to some how to's to restoring. Keeping in mind i dont own a mac. That would make life a bit easier I think if i did.

You can use Seas0nPass to jailbreak the latest version.


Hey thanks ill deff give that a shot. Dont know why I couldnt find that.