Upgrade to Kodi

Has anyone tried to upgrade the XBMC Install from Flash to Kodi? Did it work? Do you have to uninstall XBMC then install Kodi? Anything I should be aware of, think of, before trying to upgrade?


I’ve not installed through flash. I do know you don’t have to uninstall first, all your setting and addons will still be there after install.

I have installed KODI using Terminal commands.
Nito has not been updated to enable update to KODI.
I did notice that after I did the Update, I still see an update available in Nito for a 13.2 update and a 12.0-1 under Maintenance (Odd) I found KODI to be much more stable then 13.2 XBMC. Grooveshark and the Pandora (Not Rivy) version have problems. Grooveshark can be logged in but problems streaming. Pandora, script error. The Rivy Pandora version works fine. I do wish that an update would come out for Seas0n Pass and Firecore. It’s way past due.