Upgrade to Infuse Pro 3 Error Message

Hi, I’ve had Infuse 2 and did Pro before, and I understand that with the new version I keep those same features, but I just downloaded the app from the App Store on my iPhone (I had recently wiped my iPhone and not done an iCloud or iTunes restore so some apps I’m just now noticing are missing) and when I tap on “Upgrade to Infuse Pro” and “Upgrade Now” I get just a message saying “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store”. I thought it may have to do something w/ my work WiFi/Firewall, so I got on my cellular connection and still same message. :frowning:

This may be due to an iTunes cache issue, so waiting a bit and trying again may help resolve whatever is going on.

If you’re up for it, removing and re-installing Infuse may be worth a shot as well.

Thanks, I just tried deleting and re-installing and that didn’t work. I’ll wait and try it again later when I get home from work.

Just reboot your Iphone. I got exactly same thing yesterday.

I need some clarification with this issue. I have infusion pro, but when I upgrade to three I am told that I need to upgrade. What gives, why did I loss my pro version. What do I need to do to get my pro license back?

Answers to all your questions can be found here.

Just an update. I didn’t restart my iPhone, but I realize now it was never showing me the price. The next time I launched the app it showed me Upgrade Now $2.99 or whatever and then it worked. Hope that helps someone else.