Upgrade to Infuse 6 Pro


I have a question about the upgrading from Infuse 5 Pro to Infuse 6 Pro.
I’ve used Infuse for years and already own Infuse 5 Pro and use it on iPad and Apple TV. When Infuse 6 came out i immediately downloaded it on iPad and got the option upgrade lifetime for 59,99 (with no other option for liftetime) and paid for it, when installing and opening Infuse 6 on my Apple TV it suddenly says upgrade to pro lifetime for 42 something… it never showed this price on my iPad otherwise i would ofcourse chose this option.
I don’t see an option for money back at the app purchase and buy it again for the special price.
I don’t understand why it didn’t show the special price right away?
I want to warn everyone to look for this price first before buying.
Other than this great app and still hope to keep using it for years.

Best regards,


Sorry for the trouble.

If you want to go with the special price option, you should be able to obtain a refund from Apple for the full price purchase. This can usually be done by visiting: http://reportaproblem.apple.com

Once you have your refund, you can return to Infuse 6 and select the discounted price. Just be sure to have Infuse Pro 5 present on your device first, as this determines whether or not the special price is available.

Hi James,
Thnx for answering, the option for refund is not available but i will try to contact Apple.
Keep up the good work :slight_smile: