Upgrade to 5 Pro

I upgraded to 5 Pro through the app. Haven’t received anything from Apple. The App still says 4 although it did have Pro on the RHS in the settings screen. I love Firecore products and would like to opt for the lifetime version. How do I do it without costing me the extra $14.99 that doesn’t seem to have worked. Feel like a bit of a noob about this. Apologies.

Ok, I’ve now received a receipt from Apple but it says 4Pro not 5. I’m sure the prompt was for Infuse 5 Pro… is anyone able to help?

It should say v5 even before you try to upgrade to Pro. Also, the in-app upgrade to Pro in inFuse 5 is for a subscription based upgrade and is not a one-off charge. It sounds as if you were running inFuse 4 which you then tried to upgrade to the inFuse 4 Pro version? I would try to see if you can contact Apple to get the upgrade you purchased cancelled unless you want to stay on the (now obsolete) inFuse 4.

There is no free upgrade from inFuse 4 to inFuse 5. Instead you need to download and install inFuse 5 from the App Store. There are two downloads available. One is labelled inFuse 5 Pro and includes the Pro feature baked-in and free upgrades to the inFuse 5 point releases. The downside of that version is that when inFuse 6 comes out you would have to pay again to upgrade. There is also the inFuse 5 free version that can be upgraded to Pro features by taking out a subscription to enable Pro features, and while you have an active subscription you get free upgrades to all future versions including inFuse 6 and beyond. Which of these two approaches you prefer is up to you.

Thanks for that. I also read where there was a lifetime subscription which is what I’d prefer but I hav ent been able to find it.

When you take out the “subscription” in the Infuse 5 free version you should be presented with 3 options:

  • monthly
  • yearly
  • lifetime

If you look that the tacked thread in this forum labled " Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing" Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing you’ll see a section “Upgrading to Infuse 5” and it will give you step by step directions on how to upgrade from V4 to V5 with special pricing. That is where I believe there is a discounted lifetime for owners of V4.

The difference between Infuse 5 Pro vs the Infuse 5 with subscriptions to pro is that the Infuse 5 Pro is a pay once and you have use if V5 and all incremental upgrades to V5 but will have to purchase V6 Pro when it is released. The Infuse 5 with subscriptions will give you use of all future releases including V6, V7, etc as long as your subscription is paid. If you quit paying you go back to the non pro version with it’s limitations.

The subscription route is the best for V4 owners if you go Lifetime in my opinion. You don’t have to worry about subscriptions coming due or major updates to pay for.

But I assume that v4 offer is only if you are a v4 Pro user … which I guess that eBoot now is (but wasn’t when he originally started).

eBoot stated that the version was STILL v4 so that is what I assume he started from!

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all your help. The upgrade is a little confusing. In the upgrade there are two lifetime options. One a special for $46,99 Special and one for most popular $69.99. I’m assuming they do the same thing. Is that right
Cheers eBoof.
P.S. thanks for your help, I found the answer to this in another thread. They are the same thing.

Interesting. So if you have Infuse 4 free it is worth first upgrading with the in-app purchase to pro for $14.99 so you can then get the $46.99 lifetime special offer, total cost $61.98.

Otherwise you would need to pay the normal price for the lifetime offer of $69.99.

For anyone who thinks they can use this route to get a cheaper lifetime deal … Infuse 4 free is no longer available to new buyers … it is only available to existing buyers from their already purchased list.

No, Remotevisitor. I don’t think that is correct. You can upgrade to Lifetime from 4. There is no need to upgrade to 4 Pro first. From 4 you upgrade to 5 and when asked to upgrade to 5 Pro you are given the two options of the special $44 price or the $69 price and they do the same thing.