Upgrade to 5.3 or stick with 4.3?

Hi All,

I was lucky enough to pick up some apple tv 2nd gen recently. I just jailbroke my first unit for myself and it was a 4.3 (8F455). I first used a pc and did the ifaith blobs dump and used seasonpass to create the new IPSW. Then was successful in getting itunes to put it on the unit, but when I put the unit on the tv, it would get stuck in an infinite boot loop. After a day of fiddling with it, I upgraded to the untethered 5.3 seasonpass jailbreak on my mac, and it works like a charm. I used putty to install xbmc because the nitotv install wouldnt work. The unit seems to be working fine and boots untethered.

So there is a question at the end of this… am I losing out on anything having upgraded to 5.3? Am I missing something in not trying to make 4.3 to work. I’m mostly wondering for the other units I have, because it would be so easy to just get them to 5.3 untethered and install what I want. I saw another thread on here saying that they didnt dump their 5.3 blobs (I didnt either). Since my unit is working, is that an issue? Can the unit automatically update itself and brick itself? Sorry for the million questions. I’m quite new to all this. Finally, what am I missing by not having ATV black. I dont mind buying it, but if I already have xbmc installed and all the repositories I want, what does ATV black do for me?

Thanks in advance.