Upgrade to 4.4.4


I have the ATV Flash 1.1 with 4.3. FW. But my ATV does´t offer the maintenance update with FW 4.4.


Does it only works with a new Jailbreak? I wanna have the option to mirror an iPad 2

Yes - if you want to move onto the 4.4 firmware then you have to repeat the jailbreak process and re-install any software you added.

Since this process wipes everything off the ATV2, You might want to first make use of the backup option on the Maintenance menu so that you can later restore your settings and metadata.


Could I restore the options from the cloud?

Not quite sure what you are asking? The backup/restore options on the FireCore maintenance menu do store their data somewhere on the Internet. In this case I have heard anecdotally it somewhere on the Amazon provided cloud services. If you are specifically talking about the Apple iCloud then this is not currently being used (the support has only appeared in the 4.4.x firmware series), although I could see it becoming used in a future FireCore release.

I talk about the maintenance backup solution of the flash software not iCloud

Which I thought I had answered? What is not clear in the answer I gave?

thanks I was wondering this too.

I thought there might be an upgrade to 4.4.4 but now i know you have to start fresh with it.

Good to know about the backup feature. I was wondering where the backup goes also. I didn’t do it though and am going to have to reinstall everything.


yeah im holding back on upgrading to just because i don’t know enough about this either. i don’t want to lose my settings on the apple tv or even in XBMC. if anyone has backed up updated to 4.4.3 and restored let us know how it went.