Upgrade problem

A few quick, hopefully, questions.

I’m currently on 5.0.2 and I’d like to upgrade to the latest unteathered version (5.2). So, first is there a way to upgrade to this version seeing a new version is currently available? Second even if I go to “Update Software” on my ATV2 it says I’m on the latest. So even if I wanted to upgrade all the way to 5.3 my ATV thinks its up to date.

Any help would be appreciated.

You cannot go to the 5.2 jailbroken release unless you already have saved shsh blobs for that release on your device.

You also cannot go to the 5.3 release by simply trying to upgrade via the ATV Settings. The jailbreak process blocks this. The only way to get to 5.3 is restoring via iTunes.

Can I use a downloaded copy of 5.2, use iTunes and the control+click method of updating the software and then jailbreak it that way? I have a copy of 5.2 that I got from direct download.


No you can’t. Apple wont let firmware install unless it’s being signed and the only one being signed now is 5.3.