Upgrade Pro5 to Pro6

So it’s time I pulled the trigger on Pro5 to Pro6 upgrade on my iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. BUT … I’m confused as to what to get…

– App Store shows Pro6 is $27 on the App Store
– There is also a Pro6 “upgrade” which bundles Pro5 and Pro6 for $34
– I also understand I can get Infuse6 NON-Pro and buy a lifetime Pro version for $55 in-app
– OR I can get Infuse6 NON-Pro and buy a one-off Pro upgrade for $40 in-app

Wait what?
– Why is the “upgrade” from Pro5 to Pro6 more expensive than buying Pro6 outright?
– If I get the free Non-Pro version and get the $40 upgrade (still more expensive than buying Pro6), am I getting a lifetime Pro upgrade (its not clear in the app)?
– Its not clear if this is just the iPhone app, or both the iPhone and iPad app versions?
– Do I have to sort out the same mess on my Apple TV?

Yes, I’m confused!

Sorry for the confusion.

All of the in-app options include updates forever. There will never be a new app to download, everything will be an automatic update through the App Store.

The standalone paid apps are one-off versions, meaning you will get updates for Infuse Pro 6 until Infuse 7 is released, and Infuse 7 would be a paid upgrade.

Lastly, the bundle prices are calculated by the App Store and will be based off the actual price paid for Infuse Pro 5. If you used a promo code to download Infuse Pro 5, then the App Store unfortunately won’t offer you a discount.

PS - You can get a free year of Infuse Pro when upgrading from v5.