Upgrade path to 4.4.4

I have an ATV2 that is jailbroken with 4.2.1 (2100).  Can I update directly to 4.4.4 and jailbreak it?  Or do I need to update to an interim version before 4.4.4?




You can go direct. When applying the jailbreak process it is irrelevant what firmware was on there before you started.

Thanks for the quick reply.  I have one more question.  I have aTV Flash installed.  Do I need to reinstall that once I’ve upgraded and jailbroken?

The recommended steps for updating are below.

  1. Perform a backup through the Maintenance --> Settings --> Manage Backups menu.
  2. Re-jailbreak with new Seas0nPass (this will update you to 4.4.4).
  3. Run aTV Flash (black) installer from a Mac or PC.
  4. Install desired items through Maintenacne --> Manage Extras menu.
  5. Restore to previously saved backup through Maintenance --> Settings --> Manage Backups menu.

Yes - you will have to reinstall apps as the upgrade process wipes everything on the ATV2. To save you a lot of effort you want to use the Backup option on the Maintenance menu before you start and then the restore option afterwards to get back all your settings and metadata.

Great.  Thanks again for all your help.


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Thanks for the Walkthru James. Saved me some time.

I did exactly as James said and ended up with MAJOR issues after restoring. I would steer clear of restoring anything to the new firmware. Just set things back up fresh and you should be fine. Right now I am trying to reflash it and not having much luck. (after unplugging it to force a restart it made a mess of things and wouldnt boot and now iTunes is giving me an the famous “unknown” error after I try to flash it)

Mine restored fine - it might be worth reporting to Firecore more details of your problems to see if the cause can be identified.

I tried again using the iTunes <shift-Alt> method and flashed the 1.4.3 firmware and then rejb’d and its fine now. The details of why or how the restore went south is not really a concern and will just setup everything manually so it is “clean” and advise the same to others. Its all experimental so this sort of thing happens. I wouldnt say I did anything wrong and could just be my backup was bad. If others have the same issues then it may be worth a dev looking into.

Plex is now compatibile with untetheted jailbreak of 4.4.4?

Thank you and thanks for your job.

yes, Plex works. Version 0.9.0 Beta 4 just came out. tested it and it works perfect


 Thanks for your reply, installation of plex is automatic with atvflash black or I have to install it by ssh?



I ve done this three times and every time I checked the software version and it is still 4.4.3 not 4.4.4

Any ideas anyone?



When attempting to upgrade to 4.4.4 (BTW thanks for the unteathered update) everything goes well until iTunes does the restore to the new version. I get an error that says my device is not authorized for this update. What could I be doing wrong?