Upgrade Internal HDD without the need for a PC?

Hello everyone. First post. I just have a question about upgrading the harddrive in a 1st gen apple tv. I was looking around the internet and stumbled across these 2 things:

The first is this youtube video that shows someone upgrading the internal harddrive in the apple tv using just the patchstick from an ebay auction:



The second is the ebay auction talked about in the video:



Can someone please share what patchstick is being used here? I can't find much information on upgrading the hard drive using just the apple tv & patchstick without some kind of seperate computer. I'd rather do it this way (since I'm a windows user) :-P


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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I sent him a message asking a few questions:

Based on the youtube video, all you do is put the new blank harddrive in the apple tv, boot the patchstick and it prepares and partitions the new harddrive & installs xbmc and/or boxee? That's all you have to do?

This was his response:  

1. Yes, you download the current versions of XBMC and Boxee for AppleTV through the menus. You can later install updates the same way as they are made available.
2. Yes, that's basically it. The whole procedure is: Open the AppleTV, remove the 4 screws from the old drive and install the replacement drive in its place, close the AppleTV, plug the patchstick into the USB port and plug the power back in. Wait for it to go through the steps like in the video, then unplug power, remove the USB drive, and plug power back in. Let it boot back up and perform a factory restore. If the drive is not new we recommend repeating the factory restore a few times. Then you can optionally unplug power, plug the usb drive back in, and plug power back in to install the 3rd party apps. This step isn't required if you don't want XBMC, Boxee, etc.

Also note that if you're buying a new 2.5" drive for this our SATA kit, which costs a bit more, allows you to buy cheaper SATA drives. Sometimes the combination is cheaper than the IDE kit and a more expensive IDE drive.



Can someone share what to use to do this? If I can, I'd like to try to save $30...

DIY steps for replacing or upgrading the AppleTV's internal drive can be found here: