Upgrade harddisk


I want to upgrade the harddisk of my atv myself.
I found all the howto;s, but I am not sure which hd to use?

I bought one today with out looking closely to the interface and bought a sata drive.

Stupid question maybe, but is the atv harddisk ide or ata (or is this the same?)

Which models can I use and what is the max disk size available?

Hope anyone can help?

I have used this drive:


Works great, and I have my original drive, with the default install as a backup.

Thx! Will have a look at this one than.

sadly unlike every other Apple computer, the AppleTV uses an ATA interface, not SATA.
which limits your range of maximum hdd size a bit more than SATA too :(.
but yes, they are quite different & incompatible.
& it’s always good to keep the original hdd in case you screw up the hack :slight_smile: