Upgrade from paid-app Infuse Pro to lifetime

Thanks - I just did. HI see the special price. Question; if I pay on iPhone - will it be available on iPad?

As long as the ipad meets minimum requirements and is signed into the same apple id it will. Or you can set up family sharing as described in that same link I think.

I just upgraded on iPhone, however on my iPad Pro, signed in with the same Apple ID the app is still not PRO. It offers in-app upgrade for the full price.

Actually, I did not notice the Restore button… clicked and now it’s all good. Thanks.

Great! :slight_smile:

Hi, I have purchased infuse pro 5, and just upgraded to the bundle, but I would like to switch to lifetime plan, when I download the free infuse pro 6, it doesn’t give me the option to upgrade, it shows I already have pro, even the app is the free version. Is there anyway to switch to the lifetime plan from pro version? thank you.

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