Upgrade from paid-app Infuse Pro to lifetime

Hi there,

is the Pro-App 5 to lifetime offer still available? There is pro 5 to pro 6 for 22 € – but no pro 5 to lifetime. The 6 (non pro) app give me a lifetime for 59,99 €; ignoring my pro 5 purchase. Appreciate any suggestions!

I had the same question… I think I made a mistake upgrading my pro 5 to pro 6 with the bundle and paying 25€.

starting from Infuse 4 I think I have already paid more than 60€ to get the pro version every time…

Someone who can confirm if I have now the lifetime status?

Unless you started with the non-Pro version and then used the in-app Purchase option to enable the Pro features (which has monthly, yearly and lifetime options) you do not have the option for free upgrades to future major versions.

Yes, this still is available. Just be sure you have the Infuse Pro 5 app currently installed, then re-open Infuse 6.

The lifetime option is only available through the free Infuse 6 app.

If you want to switch from the bundle to lifetime, you should be able to obtain a refund from Apple by tapping the ‘report a problem’ link found on your iTunes receipt.

ok, but is it possible to transfer the videos I have now in Infuse 6 pro to the free Infuse 6 and then make the lifetime upgrade?

I want to pass all the videos first, ask the refund for the 6 pro version and then purchase the lifetime upgrade.

Yes, this should be possible with the Files app.

  1. Add at least one video to Infuse 6 so it is activated in Files.
  2. Open Files, and drag/transfer your videos from one app to the other.
  3. Done! :slight_smile:

Is the lifetime subscription compatible with family sharing? I have a couple of kids who have their own iTunes accounts and I’ve had issues with in-app purchases not working terribly well on family accounts, so up to now I’ve always stuck to just buying the Pro version of the apps outright as each version came out.

They both can be shared but they use different methods. You can see the differences here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

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I missed that post when I searched earlier; thanks for the pointer!

Your welcome!

I purchased infuse 5 pro from the App Store on January 2019 and it is not fair to buy to buy another one

I have Pro-Version (4). Can I get a discount on the lifetime subscription for V6?

Have you checked out this tacked thread at the top Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

Thanks - I just did. HI see the special price. Question; if I pay on iPhone - will it be available on iPad?

As long as the ipad meets minimum requirements and is signed into the same apple id it will. Or you can set up family sharing as described in that same link I think.

I just upgraded on iPhone, however on my iPad Pro, signed in with the same Apple ID the app is still not PRO. It offers in-app upgrade for the full price.

Actually, I did not notice the Restore button… clicked and now it’s all good. Thanks.

Great! :slight_smile:

Hi, I have purchased infuse pro 5, and just upgraded to the bundle, but I would like to switch to lifetime plan, when I download the free infuse pro 6, it doesn’t give me the option to upgrade, it shows I already have pro, even the app is the free version. Is there anyway to switch to the lifetime plan from pro version? thank you.

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