Upgrade from paid-app Infuse Pro to lifetime

Hey dear community,

I’m aware of James’ sticky thread: Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

But I couldn’t find any way to upgrade from my paid-app Pro-Version (v5) to the lifetime-option.
Is this even possible?

And… is there a chance of a special offer when v6 will be released? :smiley:

If you purchased “Infuse Pro 5” from the app store then to change over to the lifetime subscription you’ll need to download the “Infuse 5” app (note the lack of the word “Pro” in the name) and in the settings you’ll be given the option to purchase a subscription to upgrade to “Pro”. You can do the monthly, annual, or Lifetime. Once you purchase your subscription you can delete the original “Pro” version. The subscription version will automatically be updated to V6 when it’s released.

As to special pricing that is something that Firecore will decide when the release is close so keep an eye our on the forum for announcements.

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The discounted lifetime upgrade is currently available to those who purchased the standalone Infuse Pro 5 app. :wink: We’re also planning to have a bundle upgrade option available for those who wish to move from Infuse Pro 5 to the new standalone Infuse Pro 6 paid app.

Additionally, the upcoming Infuse 6 release will include an option to automatically move videos from Infuse Pro 5 to the new version.

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I assume I still have to upgrade to lifetime like NC Bullseye described through the non-pro app?
My purchased Pro-app doesn’t show me any kind of offers at all.

Infuse 5 NON-pro shows me four offerings (prices in Euro):
special-offer lifetime (38,99€)
monthly (0,99€)
yearly (9,99€)
and again lifetime (54,99€)

The first one for 38,99€ it is? Upgrade to Infuse Pro, lifetime, forever and ever Infuse Pro v5, v6, v7, v8, v… until the end of time and all of eternity? :smiley:

(Just want to be sure, it is the lifetime option for Infuse PRO)

Yes, the special lifetime and lifetime are the same. The first is simply available with a discount.

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Done and done :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

Last question: Does it matter now, which kind of App I download > Pro or non-Pro?
(regardless of device - iPhone or AppleTV)

The lifetime license is only available through the free Infuse 5 app, and the upgrade can be done on iOS or Apple TV.

Regardless of which device you upgrade on, a single license will cover all your devices.

Hi there,

is the Pro-App 5 to lifetime offer still available? There is pro 5 to pro 6 for 22 € – but no pro 5 to lifetime. The 6 (non pro) app give me a lifetime for 59,99 €; ignoring my pro 5 purchase. Appreciate any suggestions!

I had the same question… I think I made a mistake upgrading my pro 5 to pro 6 with the bundle and paying 25€.

starting from Infuse 4 I think I have already paid more than 60€ to get the pro version every time…

Someone who can confirm if I have now the lifetime status?

Unless you started with the non-Pro version and then used the in-app Purchase option to enable the Pro features (which has monthly, yearly and lifetime options) you do not have the option for free upgrades to future major versions.

Yes, this still is available. Just be sure you have the Infuse Pro 5 app currently installed, then re-open Infuse 6.

The lifetime option is only available through the free Infuse 6 app.

If you want to switch from the bundle to lifetime, you should be able to obtain a refund from Apple by tapping the ‘report a problem’ link found on your iTunes receipt.

ok, but is it possible to transfer the videos I have now in Infuse 6 pro to the free Infuse 6 and then make the lifetime upgrade?

I want to pass all the videos first, ask the refund for the 6 pro version and then purchase the lifetime upgrade.

Yes, this should be possible with the Files app.

  1. Add at least one video to Infuse 6 so it is activated in Files.
  2. Open Files, and drag/transfer your videos from one app to the other.
  3. Done! :slight_smile:

Is the lifetime subscription compatible with family sharing? I have a couple of kids who have their own iTunes accounts and I’ve had issues with in-app purchases not working terribly well on family accounts, so up to now I’ve always stuck to just buying the Pro version of the apps outright as each version came out.

They both can be shared but they use different methods. You can see the differences here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

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I missed that post when I searched earlier; thanks for the pointer!

Your welcome!

I purchased infuse 5 pro from the App Store on January 2019 and it is not fair to buy to buy another one

I have Pro-Version (4). Can I get a discount on the lifetime subscription for V6?

Have you checked out this tacked thread at the top Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing