Upgrade from 5 Pro to 6 Pro

If I pay for the upgrade from ver 5 Pro to 6 Pro will I be able to install it on my Apple TV without cost? Also will there be any further charges after the upgrade? Please no subscription cost.

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Version 5 and 6 are two different animals. If you want to go to version 6 you have two choices, either purchase the version 6 pro which is a one time payment and covers all updates until the next major version change to version 7 when you will then need to again purchase the new major version. Your other option is to download the free version 6 and from within it start a subscription to activate all of the pro version features. Then as long as you keep your subscription current you will have access to Infuse pro and all of the future updates including major ones like v7, v8, etc at no additional cost.

I know you said no subscriptions but If you go the lifetime route then it’s a pay once and you’ll receive all future updates including major ones like v7 v8, v? at no additional cost.

To answer you other question, one subscription or purchase can be used on both iOS and tvOS without additional cost.

Many thanks for the clear explanation…

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