Upgrade from 5 Pro to 6 Pro lifelong

In the app store I can find an Infuse Pro 6 (upgrade) for users of Pro 5 (which I am) at € 38,99. Is this the lifetime upgrade for Pro 5 users? The normal update is only € 29,99 and the lifelong without Pro 5 is € 64,99.

There’s a post that explains the upgrades here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

I already read that post and a lot of others. No answer to my question though. That is, is the Infuse Pro 6 (upgrade) at € 38,99 the lifetime upgrade (for Pro 5 owners). I think that it is because a normal upgrade (for non Pro 5 owners) is € 29,99.

The lifetime license is only available through the free Infuse 6 app as an in-app purchase. This will include updates for all future versions (v7, v8, v21, etc…).

The upgrade bundle (Infuse Pro 6 paid app) will include updates until the release of Infuse 7.

I have Pro but don’t get this ‘special’ option, only lifetime at € 64,99 and yearly at € 9,99 with one year free. I do own Pro 5 (and also owned Pro 4). What is my lifetime upgrade price and where can I find it? € 64,99 seems very high compared to other prices in Euro that I find here for updates from Pro 5. Another suggestion: add a clear pricing page to this website in the menu.

Unfortunately, the lifetime special was discontinued last year.

Info on the current upgrade special can be found here.