Upgrade from 5.96 to 6.6w

I purchased infuse pro 6 on my iPad (1 year subscription). I did it by downloading Infuse 6 (not Pro) then doing the in-app purchase of the 1 year license. After buying the 1yr sub, the Infuse 6 turned into the Pro, at least internally but it retained the same (not dark) icon as the Infuse 6.

Next I went to my AppleTV(4K) so I could also do the upgrade there as well. I downloaded Infuse 6 and I confirmed it was the Pro version in the settings. BUT again, the icon was not the dark (preferred!) one since it looks almost exactly like my Infuse 5.96.

These are minor irritations. But this one is a bit more serious, the Pro 6 versions does not automatically migrate my shares! So that means I have to setup all of my shares all over again?

what a pain. Otherwise I still love this app because I have not found anything else close to it that I want to use to view my video files.

Okay, since you asked so nice.

Go to Settings > General > App Icon and toggle it to dark. :wink:

Once you go to V6 Infuse will sync your shares as long as you have iCloud turned on and set up in Infuse. This will also be nice with the approaching V7 release.

iCloud sync has really come a long way since V5

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Thanks. the setting from V5 to V6 did not migrate for me but once I setup V6 on my Apple TV(1), Infuse then updated the versions on my other Apple TV(2) and on my iPad.

And since you showed me how to make the dark icon, I am very please. :+1:t4::grin:


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