Upgrade from 5.2.1 untethered to 5.3 untethered

I have a jailbroken ATV2 with the 5.2.1 software on to it. Can I still upgrade it to 5.3 with the untethered jailbreak.

Yes, since apple is still signing it. For the record, all your xbmc setup will be deleted or any settings for that matter.

What is the latest software version for atv2 right now - 5.3?  If I update the software, would I be able to jailbreak it UNTETHERED?  Thanks.

I just gave my ATV2 an upgrade to 5.3 untetherd without any problems, whoooo.

You right-click and choose 5.3 from the latest SeasonPass version, right?  I don’t think updating to the latest software will work, because the latest version is a 6.0 and it’s not yet supported. 


5.3 is the latest jailbreak… right click is safest way to get what you want.

Thanks, will do!

I’m trying to go from 5.2.1 to 5.3 untethered. 

I read about the right click thing. If i do a right click over “Create IPSW” it automatically ask me to connect the ATV in DFU mode. Is this normal?

What is the right procedure to get this done? Thanks and sorry for the noob question.


EDIT: I think i got it. After trying a couple of workarounds on my own i sucessfully upgraded one of my aTV2 to 5.3 with the untethered jailbreak :slight_smile: