Upgrade for Pro5 to Pro6

Dear all

i have an infuse Pro (standalone) 5 app - i spent lot of time to have all tinhgs organized in my libraury

i downloaded the Infuse6 (i m ok to pay for Monthly or Yearly fees) but for now, i still in the free app and i just want to know how i can applied all changes done in my 5version to the 6version. I don’t want to restart from SCRATCH !

if you have a tuto who explained this please share


I m talking about metadata mainly.
Lot of manual Work that i dont want to redo

Unfortunately it’s not possible to migrate metadata from v5 to v6, but once you have things set up in v6 this info will sync to iCloud and be available on all other devices or when reinstalling the app.

OmG… are you kidding me ?

This is my major concern too. too many manual work.
And I don’t see high possibility of painless transfer from 5 to 6.
Hi, James, in the future, can we transfer library from 6 to 7, if there is 7?

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