Upgrade 4.4.2 to 4.4.4, Am I too late?

I currently have an ATV2 on 4.4.2 with ATV and XMBC.
I’d like to upgrade to 4.4.4 (Untethered) but I’m unable to find a good reliable source guide.
(I currently run both Windows 7 and Mac OS X)

Any and all help is appreciated! 

Yes - you are too late.

You can only go to a new release if either Apple is still signing it or if you already have save blobs for your device for that device. Obviously in an upgrade scenarios you will not have saved blobs.

That means at the moment the only upgrade option available is the tethered jailbreak on the 5.0 firmware which is what a
Apple currently signs. Hopefully it will not be long before an untethered jailbreak appears for the 5.0 release.

does anybody have a rough time frame for the untethered jailbreak

No we don’t. pod2g says 5.1 could be a month away if not more but that is likely referring to iPhone/iPad not Apple TV.