Updating XBMC 11.0 - How to?


I have XBMC installed through my Atv flash black. How can I update me RC2 version to the new one that came out here on the 24th? I do not have the option to upgrade within the Maintenance menu?

on my atv-silver I just downloaded the OSX version from xbmc’s site and extract the dmg.  Then I copied the files over the RC2 version.  I used WinSCP to copy the files.  I don’t remember where exactly the files are on the atv.

Solved. Got it to update through NitoTV. THX

Updating without nitoTV

  1. Navigate to Maintenance --> Manage Extras
  2. Highlight XBMC and press the right arrow (>>) button to remove it
  3. After the removal, highlight it again and press the center button to install the latest version
  4. Restart when prompted

What If I don’t wan’t to lose all my custom configs on my RC2 and want to upgrade it without removing it??


back up and then restore after upgrade the userdata folder.