Updating TV Show Season artworks

The new Infuse update (6.2.5) seems to have fixed the season artwork downloading! Thanks for the hard work from the Infuse team! However, I noticed this only applies to newly scanned/added TV shows and apparently not for already added shows. Instead, a manual metadata edit is required for every show that was previously added. Might there be a trick or a way to update all the older TV shows instead of clearing the whole library metadata and re-adding everything? I got more than 200 shows in my library, it would be pretty tedious to manually go through each and every show. Thanks in advance!

That’s kind of the two options, select each one you want updated or do the nuclear option and delete the metadata in the settings menu. Since the artwork selected from thetvdb is fluid based on up voting by users it’d be nearly impossible to keep track of changes. That’s just my guess.

I just went through quite a bit more than 200 shows tonight updating the ones that matter to me the most. The rest can wait till the urge hits me. :wink:

Thanks for the prompt reply! I kinda expected it would be one of these 2 options. A question I thought of is, if I were to go through each show updating them manually on my iPad, would the fixed changes also automatically carry to my Apple TV library if they were iCloud sync’ed? Or would I have to manually update on both devices?

How’s this for a politically correct answer, maybe…

iCloud sync will track corrections in the wrong metadata corrected but I’m not sure if just an outdated graphic is considered incorrect.

I guess you’d have to give it a shot and see! You can see what is synced via iCloud here iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore

Don’t want to get your hopes up but I just launched a different ATV after doing tons of artwork updates on a different ATV last nightand it “appears” to be reloading the new artwork on the second ATV without me having to do anything. It’s fetching over 400 artwork items and the few I checked seem to be the new artwork. So there’s hope! :wink: