Updating to Firecore ATV Black 1.0



  1. Can I verify that this version 1.0 is a free upgrade/new installation but one which I need to plug my atv back into my PC for and that the atv black I installed on my jail broken apple tv black three months ago was a beta version? ie. This new version is improved…


  1. If so is this a good time to update my apple iOS on the apple tv? I was told not to do that before as I would have to reinstall atv black from firecore but if I am reinstalling firecore anyway shall I upgrade apple first?



No you do NOT need to plug your ATV2 into your PC to apply this upgrade.   It can be applied over the network just like you did for the original firecore software overwwriting the current installation but keeping all settings.

The decision as to whether to upgrade the Apple software is therefore up to you (you do not mention what version you are already using).  Remember that the 4.4.x series is still a tethered boot - if you want an untethered boot you have to use the 4.3 firmware.