updating to 3 6 3

Do I need to reverse the external USB drive set as primary storage back to the Apple TV HDD be for I update to 3.6.3?

You do not need to change the USB Primary Storage if you are only updating aTV Flash. If you need to update the Apple TV then yes you need to reverse it:


Thanks. Did the update and all went well. :wink:

Hi, this is my first time to update. Could you give me the steps to upgrade from 3.6.2 to 3.6.3? Thanks

Just unplug your ATV and put in your newly created patch-stick with 3.6.3 on it. Power on your ATV and sit back and let the magic happen. Unplug your ATV and remove your patch-stick then power back on ATV and it will reboot. There you have it.

I did this and it seems to have updated as I have some of the new features available, however, when I go into the “About” menu choice it still shows 3.6.2. Did the authors forget to update the text or am I still running 3.6.2?

Mine does say 3.6.3

Try again and see what happens.

I’m not a fan of “me too!” posts but…

3.6.3 installed/updated fine for me. As always, make sure you let it run all the way through. All I did afterwards was to re-run Smart Installer.