Updating Scrapers - Sapphire - Media

Happy New Year to All,


Okay, here's the issue and I am sure there an easy fix some where posted on the forum. I figured I would ask just in case this is not a new issue. I have attempted to update the Scrapers on several different occasions with no success. All it does run and run and run until I re-boot the ATV. Everything else seems to be working except for importing of TV Shows. There it seems to be a total miss.


Any suggestions ? ? ?

As of today, if you have the latest version of Sapphire installed (check in Maintenance --> Manage Plugins) the latest scrapers will be already installed.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. Maybe you can tell me why each time I try to update 'Scrapers', it seems to run for hours downloading until I re-boot the ATV? I do have latest version of Sapphire installed and everything seem to working correctly except for importing of TV Shows.


Any suggestions?