Updating Perian Possible?

I realize that aTVFlash was updated today (3.4.3) and that the new 1.1.3 Perian is included in the update. However, when I tried to update it directly from the aTV interface it told me that the latest 1.1.2 Perian was inststalled. It was installed but it obviously didn’t seem to realize that 1.1.3 was available. So, is it safe to assume that the only way to update Perian is via a huge aTV update of everything rather than being able to just update Perian?

Many thanks, Jim

It is possible that the update server that is checked for Perian updates has just not been updated yet. If you give it about a week or so I bet that the update server gets an update itself.

Has this been resolved yet? I still never seem to get Perian 1.1.3 when I hit update.

It seems to be a NitoTV problem. You can move Perian over manually if you want to. You can install Perian 1.1.3 on your Mac, zip up the Perian.component file found in /Library/QuickTime/ and then move it over to the AppleTV. If you need to know the exact commands let me know and I can work on it, but for now I am going to stay at Perian 1.1.2.

If you are leaving it alone, then so will I, but I appreciate the offer.

with all due respect, as several have said, can’t you do a bit more testing before each release? This is really a bit of a broken record! Thx.