Updating metadata via voice issues

Hey guys, did anyone notice that whenever the edit button is selected for movies/TV shows and you try to use voice via the mic on the ATV remote, search for the entire ATV will appear? I have tried it for a few days now and the result is always the same. This happens with version 6.4.3

It’s always done that for me. The only time that you can voice search in Infuse is when you have entered the Edit Metadata screen by long pressing on a title and selecting the Edit Metadata option. Then when you press the microphone button it will search the movie or tv databases.

Hey nc_bullseye, that’s exactly what’s happening. If I try to edit the metadata with the microphone button I get booted out of Infuse and into search for the entire ATV.

Could you provide a screen cap of the screen you are in when you press the microphone button? Just to make sure we’re on the same page.

Here are the screen caps you requested.

This is what I get after selecting the edit button and then use the mic button.

Here’s a better look at what is happening.

To use the voice input to search for metadata in Infuse you have to first select the video you want to search for, then long press on it and you will get a screen with the file name below the search box and possibly some preloaded choices.

That’s funny… I know how to edit the metadata. I am going to delete and install Infuse, hopefully the issue will not reappear.

Wow, it took a while to figure out what was happening but after a google search a wonderful human suggested checking if dictation was enabled. So if anyone experiences search issues, ensure dictation is enabled.

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