Updating metadata for media on SMB share

New user. Been setting up Infuse with a new WD My Passpot Wireless Pro 4TB.

Now that I know that SMB sharing is the best option here, I spent quite a bit of time going through my entire collection of movies and multi-episode TV shows and letting the metadata download for each one (and I assume cache the metadata for offline use). Very time consuming, especially for the multi-season, multi-episode TV shows.

It sure would be nice if there was a way to tell Infuse to go fetch the metadata info (artwork, show information incl actors, etc.) for all the movies and TV shows in the collection! All the seasons, all the episodes of each season, etc. I like the idea of having the metadata already there, accessed instantly when offline (like on a plane trip), but don’t like having to go through the process on each device (I have an iPhone and an iPad).

If there isn’t a better way to do this now than manually, maybe it would be a good feature to add in an upcoming release?

One other thing…list view. For each movie I see a small icon and a partial description of the movie, but I don’t see a way to see the WHOLE metadata info like in ICON view? In ICON view, I tap the movie and I get a metadata “card” then I can choose to play. LIST view, I tap a movie and it starts playing right away…no way to get to the metadata “card”.


Hi, welcome to the forum.

Infuse actually has logic in place to scan your entire share for metadata automatically, without you having to navigate inside each folder. The caveat here is that there is currently no status on how far this has progressed, or how much is left. That is all changing in the upcoming 5.5 version which will feature an all-new Library option which will provide quick access to movies and shows without having to search through specific folders.

We’re working to have 5.5 out in mid-July, so please keep an eye out for updates. :slight_smile:

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