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I have already asked it inside a post in another thread, but it could get easily overlooked. Is the iOS option for Infuse “Update in background” supposed to refresh the metadata when using other apps? Because I have it enabled and it doesn’t seem to do anything. Anytime I switch to another app, or even to another screen in Infuse the metadata fetching stops, and restarts only when I go into Infuse/Settings/Library.

Since due to the “Shares disappearing bug” this is the 6th or 7th time I am rebuilding the metadata it’s getting a bit tedious to leave the iPad on just doing the metadata fetching.

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Unfortunately Library updates cannot be done in the background on iOS or tvOS at this time, but you can use Split Screen to keep Infuse open while using other apps, and the indexing will continue normally.

Ok, that would help. Would it work with the overlapped app as well? When hidden preferably (it’s a iPad 2018, non Pro).

Yes, Infuse should continue to when using any of the multitasking options described here Use Multitasking on your iPad - Apple Support (except for PiP).

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Out of curiosity, why can’t the library be updated when the app is not in focus? Thanks

My understanding is because Apple don’t allow it. Basically apps are only allowed to run for short/limited periods when in the background which is enforced by iOS/tvOS.

On tvOS I suspect the reason is to ensure the foreground app is not adversely affected by background apps.
On iOS the same reason but also to ensure that background apps do not adversely drain the battery.

Understood :slight_smile: makes sense…
Just sucks since it literally takes 5-10minutes to fetch any updates needed from google drive. So I have to have my infuse app opened forever for it to update.

I see in coming next feature: « Background indexing (and downloads) on iOS/iPadOS/tvOS 13«
Will this help? Is there an explanation on what it does? Will we finally be able to not keep the app on focus to have our downloads/indexing?

I REALLY hope this allows for background updating! would be a godsend…

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where did you see the info on this feature coming?

First post in the Suggestions sub-forum: Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

James keeps the 1st entry updated with the current status of work.

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Confirmed. This will be available in the upcoming 6.1.6 release, which will be out around the release of iOS 13.

This will allow Infuse continue indexing and/or file downloads in the background, and periodically check for new files and index them without having to open the app.


This is a godsend!!! Thank you ??

Excellent !!
Maybe out of the subject scope but what lies behind « Updated and optimized for iOS/iPadOS/tvOS 13 » which is not background sync/dark mode/fonts?
I heard you say that your are not yet able to directly play video files from files app. So maybe something else? ?

Aside from some of the iOS 13 features mentioned in the post, there are a number of under-the-hood changes that allow things to keep running smoothly. Not very exciting stuff, but Apple inevitably makes changes with each major release that requires developers to update various aspects of their apps.

We’re also dropping support for older versions of iOS (6.1.6 will require iOS 12+), which allows us to streamline a number of things, and speed up development a bit.

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Will background updating also work with tvOS?

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