Updating From 4.x?

I setup an Apple TV for my parents a year or two ago, jailbroke it, got XBMC going and promptly forgot about it.

I returned recently to find that Netflix was no longer working on the box, as I suppose support for whatever outdated Netflix version is installed on it has been discontinued. XBMC is bloated and running poorly.  In general, the box is in a poor state.

At this point, I’d like to do a full overhaul of the box:

I’d like to update the OS to whatever the most recent recommended iOS is for the JB community - i.e. whatever version is the newest that I can get setup on it currently, jailbroken and without needing a tethered boot.

I’d like to get Netflix updated to a version that is not only usable but preferably new & improved - which I assume would come from updating the iOS?

I think I’d like to do a clean install of XBMC and configure it using the XBMC Hub Wizard.

I’d like to install whatever new apps / hacks / features are recommended by the community :slight_smile:

Now, I’d just lookup a tutorial to do the above – but obviously, I assume you don’t get many people looking to update from all the way back at 4.x.  So, what’s the best way to go about what I’m looking to do?  Do I have to worry about SHSH blobs or any of that nonsense that I remember from last time I tried to update?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to update to another untethered version without its saved signatures – something you probably don’t have based on your parents having possessed the ATV since your initial jailbreak.  A version update now, whatever its value, would leave you with an tethered JB, something you DEFINITELY don’t want for your parents. 

The good news is that you can refresh your XBMC configuration easily by using the nito installer without much effort.   Simply remove and reinstall.  I would try that first and see if your performance doesn’t improve markedly.

If you’re more ambitious, you could also re-jailbreak the unit and start totally fresh-- being sure to save your signatures before you begin.  If you have a PC, iFaith is easy and can tell you what signatures, if any, are already saved on the Cydia server.

You don’t say which version you are working with, but if you had NETFLIX in your configuration at the time of your original jailbreak, a re-jailbreak should leave you with the same desktop native for that version.

Hope something here helped.