Updating ATVF to 4.2.1 with ATV 3.02 with primary external HD storage (I think?)

ATVF experts and Gurus,


I need to update my ATVF to 4.2.1 and my ATV is still on ATV 3.02.  I am primary external HD connected....I think. Not sure how to tell if I am primary or secondary, but anyway....

My question is this, since I can't get ATVF updates through my maintenance menu (gives me an error message consistently and I have re-started, shut down, etc...many times) do I have to put the usb stick with 4.2.1 on it in the back of the ATV, or is there some other way to do this?  The thought of THIS SCARES ME TO DEATH as this would mean unhooking my external HD...right?  Are you getting my dilema? 

 Surely there has to be a better way?  I have spent half my saturday on this and I am tired of feeling so stupid.  How do you guys remember all this stuff???  I absolutely love this product, but I feel like I have to start over everytime I need to update something.  My mind want seem to committ the many processes to long term memory.  I know, know..."sounds like a personal problem Nate"...yep! I agree! :)


Thanks for your help,


Which version of aTV Flash are you currently running? (current version can be seen in the Maintenance > About menu)

Your best option would be to update the 'Maintenance' item through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu, restart when prompted, then update any other items that have updates available.

Updating through the Maintenance menu will not affect your external storage setup, or any synced media currently on the drive.